Video - a basic core exercise for horse riders

The video below demonstrates a basic core stability exercise for riders. The object of the exercise is to maintain a neutral spine position throughout the exercise, without rounding through the back or shifting your weight from side to side.

To perform the exercise begin on all fours, with your hands directly underneath your shoulders and knees directly underneath your hip. Bring your shoulder blades back and down and ensure you have a slight curve through your lower back. Lift one knee from the floor, keeping your pelvis level as you do so. Reach your leg back behind you, extending at the knee and then bring it back to the starting position, keeping the knee hovering above the floor. As you bring your knee back in, your back may want to round. Don't let it! 

Continue to breathe  throughout the exercise, focusing on a breath in as you extend the leg away and a breath out as you bring the leg back in. 

Repeat both sides.

This exercise is not as simple as it looks! It can be difficult to know if you are maintaining the correct alignment. We recommend performing the exercise in front of a mirror so you can check your posture and alignment.