Video - Bosu Ball Single Arm Rows and Twists

This is a great functional exercise for riders. Using the bosu ball challenges the deep stabilising muscles and helps to improve proprioception and balance. We perform this exercise in a squat position in order to closely mimic the position that we sit in the saddle. Performing this exercise with one arm at a time helps to improve your ability to use your hands independently of each other. This is a great exercise for improving shoulder and upper body position, along with working the glutes and deep spinal stabilisers (core muscles). Adding in the twist component gets the obliques firing also.

Begin the exercise by standing on the round side of the bosu ball. Hold one end of the theraband (or cable) in one hand. Place your other hand directly out in front of you. Set your shoulder blades back and down. Come down into a squat position, keeping your weight back on your heels and your knees tracking out slightly, aiming to keep your knee in line with your 4th toe. 

Start with your palm face down, pull back on the theraband in a rowing action, rotating through your shoulder to turn your palm face in towards your body. Maintain a neutral spine throughout the exercise, with your tailbone out and chest lifted.

Progress the exercise by adding a twist through your trunk to the same side as you perform the row.