We please ask that if you need to cancel out of your class, that you do so with more than 12 hours notice. This allows other waitlisted clients to attend the class. Failure to cancel with less than 12 hours notice will mean that you forfeit the fee or one of your pre-paid classes on your pass for that class.

A minimum of two people are required for a class to proceed. You will be contacted via text, phone or email should a class be cancelled.

If a class you want to book into is full, you can still have the option of adding yourself to the waitlist. We find that spots often open up on the day. From the online bookings page, login, go to the sessions page and simply click on the 'Booked Out' button under the 'Book Now' button next to the class to place yourself on the waitlist. You will be automatically added into the class and contacted if a space opens up.

All session passes have an expiry, which is 2 weeks longer than the pass length - ie 5 week passes are valid for 7 weeks, 8 week passes for 10 weeks and 10 week passes for 12 weeks. If you know that you are going to be away for a period of time or suffer from a sustained injury or illness, please discuss with us extending your pass BEFORE your expiry date. Passes will not be extended after the expiry date, will not be extended more than once and will only be extended for valid reasons.

By booking into a class you automatically agree to the above Terms & Conditions.