Horse riding as a sport requires the rider to have exceptional balance, control and symmetry. All too often we worry about whether or not the horse is balanced, but neglect to focus on whether the same is true for the rider. Muscle imbalance, injury and asymmetry in the rider will lead to decreased performance and possible further injury in both the horse and rider.

Whilst we have a particular focus on the equestrian athlete, we are experienced in treating patients from all walks of life, and welcome anyone to our clinic.

Your initial appointment will include taking a thorough history of your injury and riding background (if relevant), followed by a full assessment to diagnose your injury/issue. Occasionally it may be necessary to watch you ride, either in person or via video. Treatment may consist of:

  • manual therapy - including massage, stretching and joint mobilisation
  • dry needling (learn more here)
  • taping
  • exercise prescription
  • postural corrections and muscle retraining
  • biomechanical analysis and correction

HICAPS facilities available for instant health fund rebates. We also treat WorkCover, Third Party and Chronic Disease Management Program patients. 

Accounts are to be settled on the day of your treatment via cash or EFTPOS.